Basics of Oxygen :

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The finer modalities of production of OXYGEN is worth understanding……

➡️ The air we breathe is a mixture of 78 % NITROGEN and 21 % OXYGEN

➡️ OXYGEN mfg.GAS PLANTS suck in atmospheric air into a compressor and this compressed air is purified to remove dust particles etc.

➡️ Purified Air is cooled to minus 10 – 15 degree Celsius. Gases other than Nitrogen and Oxygen are removed in a burning process.

➡️ Oxygen – Nitrogen mixture is cooled to minus 165 degree Celsius. Here the Oxygen gets converted into liquid form .

➡️ Liquid Oxygen is collected in a Cryogenic Vessel or Tank .

➡️ Nitrogen is collected in a separate tank and used as a coolant for the plant.

➡️ Medical Oxygen must have 93 – 95 Percentage PURITY.

Transportation of Oxygen 

There are three options :

1 . # For a distance of 100-200 kms., Oxygen Cylinder is best. It carries Oxygen in gaseous form.

2 . # For a distance of 200-500 kms, Cryogenic Tanks mounted on trucks is preferred. They store Oxygen in liquid form.

3 . # For distances over 500 kms. Cryogenic Tanks have to be ferried by the Railways . Here the Liquid Oxygen is transported to far off destinations.

Real-time Problems in Oxygen Supply for COVID patients :

➡️ Nobody foresaw a second wave, creating a huge spurt in Oxygen demand.

➡️ Diversion of Industrial Oxygen to Medical Oxygen happened very late.

➡️ There are challenges in distribution of Oxygen to hospitals.

➡️ Shortage of Oxygen Cylinders and Cryogenic Tanks to supply Oxygen to the needy .

➡️ Hoarding of Oxygen Cylinders.

➡️ Wastage in hospitals, due to poor storage facilities.

➡️ Manufacturers desisted from increasing the Production of Oxygen, expecting the demand to be short lived.

We have lost innumerable human lives , for lack of proactive planning and execution, on Oxygen Supply Front

Dr . Dhananjay Shah
Ped. Practice of 40 years
@ Rajkot. Gujarat.

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