The most Admirable Publications that can keep you fully updated in your Professional Career, with sound concepts and latest info , are already the sterling Text Books printed under the prestigious banner of IAP .  

Without prejudice,  NELSON TEXTBOOK OF PEDIATRICS remains the revered GITA of Ped. Literature for so last many decades , I am venturing to highlight THREE of the best IAP Text books , that take away and brighten my early morning hours and enrich me with the best know-how. All three books are from Jaypee Brothers.


#  If there is a publication that encompasses every detail that we seek, it is the book titled as  IAP TEXTBOOK OF PEDIATRICS (  seventh edition)  To describe the attributes of this gem of a book , contributed by 213 authors is time taking but I will just quote two topics – that are simply master-class..

@ The 25 page Chapter on DENGUE ILLNESSES written by 🙏🏻 Late Dr  ASHOK KAPSE 🙏🏻 is worthy of applause,  without any doubt.  

@ The 60 page compilation on DRUG INFO in the last few chapters – is so comprehensively detailed, that it will guarantee POINT OF CARE medicine related quick references in a few minutes. 


The very  recent First Edition of DIFFERENTIAL  DIAGNOSIS in PEDIATRICS.  This masterly compilation treats the subject of Pediatrics in a diagonally different way, in comparison to the first choice mentioned above.  The brilliant Editors belong to the IJPP FAMILY of Editors from CHENNAI .  Each chapter dissects and explicitly explains the SYMPTOMS and SIGNS that bother us in our daily Clinical Work. It is a MUST for all practitioners. 

These twin , most illustrious TEXT BOOKS form a FORMIDABLE  DUO that enlightens and refreshes our thought processes,  like a JUGALBANDI in music terms. 


The next masterpiece is the THIRD EDITION of the IAP GUIDELINE BOOK ON  IMMUNISATION endorsed by our own ACVIP .  Basics of Vaccinology and thorough detailing for EACH LICENSED VACCINE is here for your adoption. 

Not to undermine the value of other IAP SUB-SPECIALITY Textbooks ,  over here my sincere attempt  is to SHOWCASE  THE  PRICELESS  TREASURE  of  PEDIATRICS   KNOW-HOW ,  that has been created and offered to the grassroot IAP members, by our Academy and the brilliant Authors , to whom I desire to BOW MY HEAD in gratitude and reverence .  May the divine journey of our IAP PUBLICATIONS  have a impactful bearing on our CLINICAL ACUMEN , throughout our Professional Careers ……… tathaastu 

 ✳️  JAI   IAP ✳️ 

Dr . Dhananjay Shah
Ped. Practice of 40 years
@ Rajkot. Gujarat.

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