In my previous blog, I have already enumerated the subtle merits of the Physical Conferences ( esp. PEDICONS) over the Webinars . That was the NON-ACADEMIC PART of our Conferencing Experience.

Now, let’s dwell upon the ACADEMICS related one-to-one comparison. After having attended 25 National Pedicons in my long tenure in Central IAP, here too, the preference would be for Physical Conferences. Let’s see why so :

1. We get a wide variety of Lectures and Debates to choose from, at any given hour. A dozen halls are calling you.
2. Workshops and ToT s are more effective learning modules , when the Trainer / Expert is just opposite you.
3. The Expert Faculty are at their best, when they face a large visible crowd. Their body language and comments are felt so well.
4 . There is a good chance to interact and resolve doubts , as the experts are approachable in the Tea-breaks and at the Lunch zones. You could grab a chance to take a selfie with your favorite Academician.
In Webinars, the audience is expected to pose queries in the Chat box, which is an extended distraction while listening attentively to the Speaker’s Voice and viewing his PPT slides.
5. In Webinars, both the Speaker and the Participants can be disturbed by Phone Calls and noise in the background.
6. When you are in a Pedicon, outside your city, you are able to properly focus entirely on the Lectures and the other deliberations. No patient can drop in or phone call, to bother you.
7. The excitement created in the UG / PG QUIZ CONTESTS is full-on in a physical conference. The Audience is both – excited and entertained at the same time.
8. If you are a BOOK LOVER, you have access to the publications of your liking, in a physical conference. You can screen them, before buying. Book purchases with printed bills are a legitimate accountable expense that can help offset your professional Fees Income. Books are a 100 percent deductible expense.
9 . You can participate in the Annual GBM and the Chapter Meetings and get updated on the administrative matters and spell your concerns.

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