The Pandemic year 2020 has given birth to a novel option of e-Conferences or Webinars . The compulsion to STAY SAFE at home and yet be enabled to enjoy Academic sessions has also created multiple platforms like ZOOM, WEBEX etc. as Service Providers. The concept of Conferencing is obviously on an evolutionary path .

The ongoing DEBATE now is whether a PHYSICAL CONFERENCE or an ONLINE WEBINAR is our permanent choice, from now onwards.

The year 2020, saw a serious flooding of Webinars from all nooks and corners of India, which has been a rather toxic dose. _Majority would agree with me _ . Although , given at no cost to the viewer, with an added Benefit of Home Stay, many would still love to realize WHAT’S MISSING in the Webinar option. My take is laid out for my readersย 

Here are some features, that are exclusive of Physical Conferences :

1 . You enjoy a much deserved Winter Vacation of one week at a new City, which you have planned for multiple purposes.
2 . Staying away from our daily Workplace is a big big way to refresh and rejuvenate our flagging spirits . Our Stress is surely relieved – although for a short time span.
3 . Most cities , wherever a Pedicon is held, has a Legacy to learn about or some Historical monuments to visit .
4 . You have a nice opportunity to take your family for a new yearly excursion and give them an invigorating + enlightening exposure.
5 . Everyone loves ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป to do SHOPPING in another City, even though his own City has the same merchandise available.
6 . Whatever WEALTH you EARN in the whole year, has to find an EXIT route . CONFERENCES are the favoured avenues that ๐Ÿ˜” dampen our money-saving attitudes . Purse Strings are let loose and money is off-loaded with pleasure. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
7 . Finally, your kids would really enjoy this exciting Travel opportunity, because they can see New Places, enjoy Air Travel, Taxi rides and prefer moving around in the Pedicon Exhibition Halls , looking out for Games and freebies, just like the Delegate Spouses. Entertainment events are also spread all across the Pedicon Arena.

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