We, as Pediatricians, are concerned with the growing trend of SINGLE CHILD families. The fashion to have a SINGLE CHILD is so trendy that so many of our Medicos themselves place a FULLSTOP after the first child is born. This is surely not welcome professionally , as a single child does not support our profession on a viability yardstick .

The real question now is – as Advocacy Guides to our visiting parents, should we counsel them to have at least TWO KIDS . The very next Question is how to GO ABOUT COUNSELING PARENTS against a SINGLE CHILD SYNDROME . Personally sharing, I have regularly practised this novel initiative and it has worked well in 50 percent cases.

I do this regularly in my clinic at the closing stage of my Consultation session in a light worded manner πŸ€ͺ and the jovial remark works well as a first step ✌🏻in the intended direction.

The Benefits of a TWO CHILD NORM are manifold :

1. Children tend to stay away from their parents, when they are married and established professionally – that too in a country which may be far away from our homes. This sacrifice is TOO BIG for ageing parents.
2 . Child’s skill development is a byproduct of Sibling Rivalry, which a single child has to miss. Environment is a big stimulus for child’s mental capabilities.
3 . Parents are extremely upset in case a single child falls sick or succumbs to an emergency event like a Road accident.
4 . In future, when parents are no more existing, the SIBLINGS take up the nurturing function between themselves. They CARE for each other and develop a bonding , which is very essential in this complex world.
5 . Our Indian Society is mentally stable and strong because of our family size and the vast social interactions. Our Emotional Quotient EQ is the best in the world.

Please πŸ‘ŽπŸ» DISCOURAGE the Single Child Norm and ENCOURAGE βœ… the wiser trend of having Two-Child families.

Dr. Dhananjay Shah
Ped. Practice of 40 years
@ Rajkot. Gujarat.
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