So many variables are negatively affecting the Vaccination Practices of many Private Practitioners. These have been enumerated earlier.

Let’s see how we can stepwise build our Vaccination Practice in our Private Clinics , despite Huge Resistance and Vaccine Hesitancy from middle class families, as this is undoubtedly our BREAD & BUTTER for ever ………honestly admiting.


Always spare a few minutes, in every clinic visit, during the last few minutes, to explain the need for Additional Vaccines, without stressing it beyond a limit. Just plant a seed in the parents’ minds, that they need to know more about Comprehensive Vaccination of their precious child, in order to secure good health and a long survival. Thereafter, invite from the parents , their views and queries on VACCINE benefits , and answer them in a confident, but compassionate manner.


Keep a sufficient Stock of all common Vaccines and maintain a good Cold Chain facility in a big size Refrigerator ( 300 litres plus) – covering the estimated needs for the next 3-6 months, so that intermittent shortages will not interrupt your immunization practice.

✳️✳️ INVEST IN VACCINES, ✳️✅ rather than in other Financial Products, as the returns here are three-fold in the Vaccine purchases – comparatively quoting ( which we often fail to realize )


Your Vaccination Card or your Patient File should segregate the Vaccines as per the age of administration, say, FIRST YEAR, Second year, Under Five category and the Vaccines in the Tenth Year and Beyond. _Four broad categories to be laid out and highlighted.

The parents should be made to stay focussed on the Section that is appropriate for the current age of their child.

NEVER EVER enumerate and explain the Vaccines, which are due for administration at a future date , because these parents will simply get scared at the number of pricks that we have planned for their child. STAY FOCUSSED on the current age and the necessary disease prevention .

It is easy to lose the family , if you choose to elaborate more than required – at that point of time. This is my personal observation 

Showcasing to you, how I explain these smart parents, and the same is narrated below : ⬇️

✳️ “When you admit your child in Class ONE of his school, do you bother about what he will have to study in the subsequent classes or the SCHOOL FEES that will be payable in the future years ” ✅ ( They then stop asking questions , after this witty statement from me )

REMAINING STEPS ( 4-9 ) in the next two Saturday Blogs. Bye Bye, till then.

Dr. Dhananjay Shah
Ped. Practice of 40 years
@ Rajkot. Gujarat.
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