Sharing my views on ways of steadily growing and improving the Vaccination Activity in our clinics, has been a great WRITING EXPERIENCE for me too, besides the fun of sharing and caring with all of you, my dear colleagues. Some more steps are laid out :


Parents’ minds can be quite fragile in terms of faith in their Doctors. We have to ensure that every clinic visit, for a vaccine prick, has to become a pleasant experience for them. Any PAINLESS VACCINE ( say, acellular DTaP ) therefore gets an added advantage over the other option .

Some Families may be less affording, but most parents are always ready to SPEND that EXTRA BIT to get a painless prick for their tender child. Variance in Immunogenecity is then a secondary consideration.

We, should elaborate on the differing features of such Vaccines ( with multiple brand options ) , esp. during infancy , and give the caregivers all options, to choose from. We need to give quality time for a proper counselling , which becomes a winner trump card.


PEER PRESSURE from the cousins and friends of the child’s mother also has a role to play in her choice of brands.

Often the kid of a cousin / close friend has been administered a certain brand by us / or a colleague. Moms want the same brand for her kid. We have to simply toe her line and give the chosen VACCINE brand.
Simply ensure that the said brand is a universally reputed brand for a pretty long time span. We need to be concerned only with good compliance and continued patronage from the kid’s parents. We must never attempt to cross the line and create any confusion 


Any child completing his/her FULL IMMUNIZATION COURSE , at your hands is always the SUPREME REWARD for any Pediatrician. Let’s grab this award . The inspirational remarks from such happy parents will ring loudly in the Society, and this will surely rope in many more kids, for the same purpose of Vaccination. It’s just a matter of time and patience.

Parents generally go for the BEST PEDIATRICIAN and you should be their favorite one. With warm regards and good wishes, here is your Senior Colleague, ending the three part Blog on healthy VACCINATION practices. ( Keep forwarding my messages in all your local groups, to my utter liking )

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