Monoclonal Antibodies have been the latest addition to our Therapeutic Armamentum to deal with some complex disease conditions. The M-Ab COCKTAIL ( for early COVID infections ) that was a theme in my recent blog is the latest entrant. Many more will be available, after their successful production in Bio-Labs.

M-Abs are cool , revolutionary solutions to deal with devastating conditions.

Prior to the launch of the Antibody cocktail, many M-Abs have hit the Scientific Arena and helped deal with the following medical conditions ⤵️

📍 Breast Cancer
📍 Multiple Sclerosis
📍 Inflammatory Bowel disease.
📍 Psoriasis
📍 Rheumatoid Arthritis
📍 AUTO-IMMUNE Hemolytic Anemias.
📍 Some Leukemias
📍 Non – Hodgkin Lymphomas
📍 Macular Degeneration in eyes, caused by increasing vascularity ( age related )

💢 Medical Science has realized that many difficult – to – treat medical conditions can now be solved by the use of specific M-Abs. These conditions are characterised by cells, which have a harmful protein ( target antigen) on the surface of the pathological cells, which cannot be destroyed by our Innate Immunity. However, M-Abs can do this job by virtue of being LAB produced specific Artificial Antibodies , which are customized for this task.

💢 Monoclonal Antibodies are targeted against a SINGLE TARGET ANTIGEN ( target protein ) and therefore, each M-Ab can possibly cure a single disorder, where this Target Antigen is the incriminating character, responsible for the dreaded disease.

💢 MONOCLONAL means a SINGLE CLONE of identical antibodies, without any other class mixed up.

💢 M-Abs also have DIAGNOSTIC APPLICATIONS besides their role in Therapeutics. These are their Diagnostic Uses :

📍 PREGNANCY TEST is based on this principle , where the M-Antibodies bind to HCG hormone in the urine of pregnant women, inducing a color change.

📍 M-Abs can bind to specific Target Antigens on Cancer cells, helping the location of Cancerous growth , thus of Diagnostic Value.

📍 They can also be bound with Anti-cancer medications and when injected, will locate and bind to such cancer cells, allowing them to be killed by our INNATE Immune System. This is a novel therapeutic approach in Oncology.

💢 After realizing all the POSITIVE ASPECTS of M-ABS, we ought to know about their NEGATIVES as under ⤵️

📍 These BIOLOGICAL products are very costly , although it is possible to grow them in infinite quantities .
📍 Their production is very time-consuming
📍 They have their side effects. Research is ongoing to solve this issue.

➡️ More info about Monoclonal Antibodies in the next two parts of this topic.

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