The first two editions of this Blog have dealt with the immense scope of M-Abs as a 🐥 Novel Therapeutic Modality and 🐥 HOW they are actually manufactured in Bio-Labs . We will herewith enlist the specific M-Abs and their designated role in specific disorders.

📍 The first Monoclonal Antibody was approved by FDA ( Muromonab CD3 ) in 1986 – for the Treatment of Renal Transplant Rejections. Therefore, the exciting Modern Era of MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES is already three decades old.

📍 Mechanisms of Action of M-Abs are many, as described below, and most of them are very similar to our Human IgG Antibodies. ⤵️

▶️ Agglutination = clumping of pathogens, followed by Phagocytosis.
▶️ Opsonin action, meaning BINDING to pathogens to make them vulnerable to phagocytosis by immune cells of our Innate Immunity.
▶️ Neutralization of Toxins.
▶️ Destruction by Killer T-cells after M-Abs binding to targeted cells.
▶️ Blocking of Receptor Sites for the Spike Proteins of COVID 19 virus, by the ANTIBODY COCKTAIL therapy

📍 Examples of M-Abs ⤵️

🔸 Breast Cancer ( HER2 receptor protein ) is treated with TRANSTUZUMAB

🔸 Rheumatoid arthritis ( CD20 protein ) is treated with

🔸 EARLY COVID-19 ( Spike Protein ) is treated with a COCKTAIL of CASIRIVIMAB and IMDEVIMAB

🔸 RABISHIELD is a M-Ab for immediate Post exposure Rabies Prophylaxis. ( PERP ) following Dog bites.

🔸 Multiple Sclerosis ( CD52 protein ) is treated with ALEMTUZUMAB ✅ The same M-Ab applies to certain Leukemias. ✅

🔸 Inflammatory Bowel disease ( TNF – alpha ) is treated with ADALIMIMAB or INFLIXIMAB

🔸 PSORIASIS ( TNF alpha ) is treated with ADALIMIMAB or INFLIXIMAB

🔸 Rheumatoid Arthritis ( CD20 protein ) along with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemias and Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas, are treated with RITUXIMAB

🔸 Macular Degeneration in eyes – age related ( VEGF- A protein ) is contained by direct injections in the eye – using RANIBIZUMAB

📍 Monoclonal Antibodies are undergoing extensive Research for the cure of many die-hard Disorders, and are the HOTCAKES for the future of Therapeutics.

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