You must have read the first part of this Blog on MAbs, which gave an idea of the immense therapeutic potential of these Artificial Antibodies. Now let’s explore as to how they are actually manufactured in Bio-Labs.

Basic requirements for M-Abs are the following ⤵️

▶️ They should be a single clone of Antibodies with specific targeted action .
▶️ They have to be produced in unlimited quantities, for their wider application in medical conditions.
▶️ They should be biologically safe for IV administration to humans.

Currently available M-Abs have satisfied these criteria. Here is the step-wise PRODUCTION PROCESS for your easy understanding. ⤵️

💢 Firstly, the Target Proteins on the cell surface of the specific diseases have to be identified and isolated. Example : HER-2 antigen in Breast Cancer patients.

💢 These specific Antigens are then repeatedly injected into MICE ( rats ) , which is the host and the PRODUCTION HOUSE for the relevant Antibodies which are needed for the remaining processes. This is therefore called MURINE TECHNOLOGY, where the Mice is vaccinated with the target antigen. .

💢 The immunised mice is then sacrificed in order to procure it’s SPLEEN which is the storehouse of these specific Antibodies, laid on the surface of the plasma cells.

💢 These Antibodies to the Target Antigen are in a limited quantum after purification and isolation for laboratory use.

💢 In order to derive a Huge Multiplication Potential , these selected plasma B cells undergo FUSION with Myeloma cells ( cancer cells ) and the resultant Fusion cells ( also termed as HYBRIDOMA CELLS ) are going to multiply very fast and over a time period, the Antibodies on these Fusion cells will be available in infinite quantities. This is called HYBRIDOMA TECHNOLOGY , which is currently used for the massive production of most of the M-Abs.

💢 Monoclonal Antibodies are therefore produced in Bio-Labs in massive quantities and then, after the due purification process, made available for usage in specific medical conditions.

💢 The invention of M-Abs is a great leap forward in Medical Science, which will provide a NEW THERAPEUTIC TOOL to manage many complex diseases.

▶️ More about M-Abs in the third and last part, which will be released next week.
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