🍁 Prescription Writing is a daily chore for all Clinicians, however we hardly ever try to excel in it’s format and detailing, because hardly anyone appreciates our dedicated efforts. Pursuit of Excellence is simply not a default Indian Trait . Any style is okay for everyone concerned.

🍁 Whether Hand-Written or Computer Software generated, the difference is only cosmetic and more trendy ▶️ solely for the Customer who receives it.

🍁 Let’s focus on the essential elements and vital yardsticks of a Good Prescription .

❇️ In a true sense, I need to stress here that, any third party should be able to draw enough conclusions – related to the illness and our diagnosis + therapy , by carefully reading and evaluating our Prescription, from multiple angles.
✳️ The ACUMEN and CLASS of any Clinician is best judged by his Prescription . 😏 An experienced Doctor who delivers a suboptimal / lousy / Incomplete Prescription 😟😛 is indeed an ugly combination.
🌿 🍁 Building our image in the Society can be best achieved by two things : Counselling Skills and the Prescriptions issued by us. Everything else hardly ever matters.

✳️ Elements of an Optimal Prescription

📍 The Full Name, Age ( + DOB ) Body Weight / Height of the child patient and general appearance is for record keeping.

📍 The Presenting Symptoms in local language has to be recorded and documented. Clinical Notes to be mentioned, after a complete Clinical Examination. Details of Lab Reports that are relevant to substantiate our Diagnosis are also mandatory to note .

📍 Initiatially a Provisional Diagnosis at first consultation and thereafter a Final Diagnosis is a cardinal feature of an ideal Prescription.

📍 The number of Oral Medicines should not exceed 3 or 4, with the FIRST ONE penned be the most relevant to the diagnosis ( say, the Antibiotic ) Symptomatics to then follow and the Topical Preparations – as the last ones.

📍 Advice delivered and Counseling done should be documented in the prescription.

📍 Injectables given for quick relief and Procedures done should be displayed in the document, fetching space even on the back side of the Prescription.

📍 Any advice regards Hospitalization and other Interventions ( whether rejected or accepted ) should be highlighted, as a legal safeguard in the hostile society milieu that prevails around us.

🏵️ ❇️ 🏵️ As we enter a new ERA of Litigations from our clients and the Establishment ( under various Regulations and Ordinances – even at OPD LEVEL ) , our Prescription needs to be displaying these simple features :

📍 Clarity and Readability
📍 Ample justification for our Diagnosis, Therapy and Counseling
📍 Evidence based Approach
📍 Detailing of all minor elements in the Write-up

Warm regards and an open invite for feedback / comments

Wishing you Careful Prescribing Practices

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