🍁 All Vaccines have their inherent value in the arena of Child Health during Schooling Age, meaning, above 5 years.

🍁 Some of the Infancy Vaccines , taken quite religiously, are of limited value at this age. Examples : HIB, Pneumococcal and Rotavirus . If two doses of IPV are taken and documented, then Polio protection is also complete.

🍁 The Vital Vaccines that now become more relevant are :

🐥 Hepatitis A
🐥 Chicken Pox
🐥 Measles
🐥 Mumps + Rubella
🐥 Typhoid TCV

Many other vaccines ( DPT + Influenza Boosters ) can be added, however, these Five Common ones need full attention, since they offer longish protection up-to middle age , mainly against Viral infections that can hamper school attendance, if not, any other serious outcomes.

🍁 Let’s understand why the coverage of these FIVE VACCINES is grossly inadequate on the ground. 💢 Here are the simple reasons ⤵️

✳️ VACCINE COMPLIANCE amongst parents gets serially compromised ( in majority cases ) as the Age of the child advances. 💢 Best Vaccine Compliance is observed in the first year 💢 when the tiny recipient is a babe -in- arms . No sooner the child starts running around, parents become complacent and quite reluctant to take further vaccines. This is a universal phenomenon in the Indian context.

✳️ With the Present Govt. Health facilities going strong with free vaccines for all, 😟😉 # Why pay for any vaccine# 🧐 becomes a wishful thought process with many parents. ❇️ Adulation for the Government limits their Simple Logic sense. ❇️

✳️ At this stage, the ART OF VACCINE COUNSELLING and ADMINISTRATION , comes to the forefront , and soon faces a tough litmus test. Anyways, many Pediatricians are successful in convincing the parents to complete all essential VACCINES by age TEN. This well-groomed competence largely depends on their Self Conviction, concept selling skills and honest one-to-one communication, albeit only by sparing quality time in the clinic

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