SOCIAL MEDIA platforms , like Whatsapp and Facebook ( currently a single Corporate Entity, after their merger ) are today the main channels of HUMAN EXPRESSION – simply because of the ease of FINGER CLICKS.

ONLY a few individuals would dare to add a few words, a phrase or a short descriptive Sentence.

✅ Does this trend mean that : Human beings are RUNNING OUT of Word Power, Language skills, Vocabulary ranges, Poetic sense or a cognitive change in expressing Love, Respect and Sociability.
Is it the next BRAILE VERSION for an emotionally blunt and blinded community, across the globe. Where are we really heading in this Century ???

Some of the common EMOJIS are the following ones :


These EMOJIS are to be best used along with a short sentence, in order to enhance the emotional impact on the Reader . However, a standalone Emoji like 😇 or 🤣 can hardly be interpreted as some clear response or an affirmation of your submitted quote / compliment.

I personally feel that an emoji is a way of hiding your poor Language skills and your lack of Word Power.

It’s like saying : LACK OF ART lies in CONCEALING IT. Here, I have twisted the original proverb : BEAUTY LIES IN CONCEALING IT

We as Medicos , know the scientific truth called DISUSE ATROPHY. If an organ or Body part ( say, skeletal muscles in flaccid paralysis) is not functioning for a long period of time, then it ATROPHIES and loses it’s original status

Same holds TRUE for WORD POWER and Language Composition Skills. If we go on using only EMOJIS and never apply our Word selection and Vocabulary Pool, we are bound to lose our INNER STRENGTHS and TREASURE of our Expressions – in the near future.

Final Take Home Message : Only by expressing ourselves, via the repeat exercise of Deploying our Vocabulary, Word Power, Poetic Talent and Grammatical sense, we can truly EXCEL IN THIS AREA of our Interactions with all our Social media friends and indeed ENHANCE OUR IMAGE as a literate individual, and STAND OUT WITH DISTINCTION, far away from the CROWDS who shall remain ADDICTED to these comical EMOJIS. This is one reason, why you love reading my BLOGS, which are my original ideas and experiences, derived and honed, right from my school days.

Dr. Dhananjay Shah
Ped. Practice of 40 years
Crusader @ IAP
Worthy Candidate for IAP PRESIDENT ELECT 2022
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