Finally, a RAY OF HOPE 🌱 has fallen on the sordid saga of the COVID PANDEMIC LANDSCAPE… Research on Monoclonal Antibodies has come to our rescue.

MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY COCKTAIL is made up of two Monoclonal Antibodies. These are actually LAB MANUFACTURED and offer a form of PASSIVE IMMUNITY to newly diagnosed cases of Covid.

This Antibody cocktail came into the limelight, after it was used successfully to treat former US President Mr. DONALD TRUMP during the first wave of 2020.

This cocktail can be given to a newly diagnosed Covid positive patient, who can be discharged after an hour’s observation, just to oversee and manage any adverse effects. The cocktail has to be given in the FIRST SEVEN DAYS since the onset of symptoms , for the optimum results.

➡️ Eligible candidates for this Cocktail are ADULTS and Children above 12 years and body weight of 40 kgs or more.

➡️ The wise Combination of two Monoclonal Antibodies is expected, logically, to provide a synergistic benefit that works for sure – even if any MUTANT VIRUS has infected the Cocktail Recepient , and which may be able to dodge any one of them, but not both M-Abs , as they act by non-competitive binding of the Spike Proteins.

➡️ The SUCCESS RATE for neutralizing the Spike Proteins is claimed to be 70 percent , if given at the optimal time ( the first week, when VIRAL REPLICATION is just happening )

➡️ Currently, this Antibody cocktail is approved for EUA ( Emergency Use Authorization) by the Drug Regulator CDSCO in India.

➡️ This product can be given as Intravenous Infusion ( over 25 – 30 minutes ) or by the SC route , as described below.

➡️ FOUR subcutaneous injections have to be simultaneously administered using four 2.5 ml Syringes – at 4 different sites on both thighs and abdominal wall.

➡️ Close Clinical Monitoring is a must . 60 minutes after IV infusion and 30 minutes after SC injections.

➡️ This Biological Product is marketed as a two-dose pack for 2 recipients. Half the pack can be given to the next recepient, within 48 hours, provided the vials are kept at 2-8 degree Celsius, just like our other vaccines.

➡️ This cocktail acts as a TEMPORARY CURATIVE REMEDY , but it cannot replace the need for a Covid vaccine.

➡️ Neither the Bio-availability of the antibody cocktail is established, nor it’s adverse effects, in case it fails to benefit a small section of the recipients. But, in absence of any evidence based TARGETED TREATMENT of Covid disease, it has to be accepted as a fairly effective option to arrest the advancement of illness.

➡️ Antibody cocktail therapy helps us to buy time , till some more therapeutic modalities emerge in this difficult era. Expected benefit of this therapy is about four months , but surely not life long. 🤨 Even the COVID VACCINE protection is also limited to just 8-12 months .
🙄 Therefore, FACE MASKS 😷 shall always be our chief protective gear for years together, till the virus is eliminated from this planet.

➡️ This therapy is ideal for a select category of newly diagnosed Covid cases, which can be any one of these persons 

📍 Senior Citizen above 60 years.
📍 Multiple Co-morbidities like Obesity with BMI ▶️ 35, Hypertension, DM, Cardiac disease etc.
📍 Chronic Liver / Renal Disease
📍 No real-time need for Oxygen support.
📍 Organ Transplant recipients
📍 Subjects on Immuno-suppressive therapies.

➡️ The cost of this therapy is round about Rs . 60,000 ( or 826 US DOLLARS ) This is surely affordable to many of our citizens.

It’s a BIG PROMISE to the COVID POSITIVE persons in the early phase of the disease, soon after RT-PCR positivity .

✳️ Imported Cocktail : formulated by ROCHE Ltd., in association with REGENERON Inc. , both from USA.

This is made up of two Monoclonal Antibodies, namely :
IMDEVIMAB . Both the Lab – manufactured Antibodies are offered in the measure of 600 mg each, the total dose becomes 1200 mgs.

CASIRIVIMAB and IMDEVIMAB are human origin Immunoglobulin G – 1 ( IgG1 ) monoclonal antibodies, that act against the SARS CoV 2 spike protein to hinder the attachment of the virus and it’s human cell entry.

CIPLA LTD. has imported this product ( two lakh doses ) from ROCHE Ltd. in the month of MAY 2021. Many Indian Citizens have received this cocktail , by and large, in Metro City Hospitals.

✳️ Atmanirbhar Cocktail is attempted by two Indian Pharma Giants : ZYDUS CADILA and ELI LILLY. They have sought permission to go ahead with clinical trials. More news is yet to flow from these corporates.

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