OBESITY is the most troublesome lifestyle issue ( across all age groups ) in our Indian Society, for all the well – known reasons. All the suggested therapies are obviously difficult to instantly deploy, in our preset LIFESTYLE, which we are already engaged in, for so many years now. As the famous quote says : OLD HABITS DIE HARD, we ought to take a slow and staggered but consistent approach to tackle this menace – that can compromise our Health Status . These serial steps would help even the non-obese in other subtle ways, for sure.


We ought to know ( and purchase only ) those food items with a LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX = GI.
These are unpeeled fruits, salads, whole wheat products, brown rice, coarse grains like millets ( Bajri, Jowar and Ragi ) boiled green vegetables, low-fat milk , unsweetened dairy products, Water is our chosen Health Drink ( in plenty ) .
Grazing rather than Gorging should be your preferred pattern………. while eating.

STEP TWO : If we are able to seriously engage in STEP ONE , the next vital step has to be FINDING AN HOUR of no serious professional activity ( actually it’s better to have two 30 minute breaks daily ) where you can breathe and refresh yourself in the open spaces. You ought to initiate new habits like Walking, Skipping, Exercising, Cycling and Climbing Steps. Here, Music can add value in this warm-up session.
Later, when you are motivated to do this initiative consistently, you can go for more Calorie Burning options like Swimming, Running, Outdoor Games ( alike Cricket, Badminton and Volleyball ) and GYM training – as per local facilities. Adequate Sleep is absolutely essential. Your Changed Food habits of Step One cannot be undone or bypassed.

STEP THREE and the final one is WEEKLY MONITORING of your CHECKS AND BALANCES , that will help grade your success.
They are :

1 . Monitoring your Body Weight and writing it down in your Fitness Diary. Monthly BP Recording and Fasting Glucose can be a good ADD-ON. Keeping a Health Diary is a MUST.
2 . These twin steps targeted on Diet Choices and Exercise Choices should keep you in GOOD CHEER and receive a better acclaim from your Family , Friends and Society.
3 . In case, you have not lost weight of any significant scale, you have still WON on TWO COUNTS . You have a HEALTHIER HEART and a BETTER BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL. The extra third count would be that you are consciously living a wholesome life – full of positivity and pleasure . This is because you disallowed any further jump in your Body Weight and BMI. However , even a moderate Weight Loss of 5 -10 % results in substantial improvement in your Metabolic parameters.

YOU are now a healthier guy, because you’ve chosen a lifestyle that adds to your Longevity and also controls your Co-morbidities.

Dr. Dhananjay Shah
Ped. Practice of 40 years
Crusader @ IAP
Worthy Candidate for IAP PRESIDENT ELECT 2022
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