Personality Traits that are a hallmark of GREAT LEADERS

Trait – One

The mature leader knows most of the key members of the Organization, by full names and can quote their NAMES on close contact or during his speech in a relevant manner.

Trait – Two / #

He stays confident and can appear smiling ( even in a difficult scenario) – which is inherently a feminine virtue

Trait – Three / #

He never gets overtly angry, unless it is a pretence to calm down the person posing a baseless argument . The anger is actually EVANESCENT and fades quickly.

Trait – Four / #

His choice of words and his vocabulary has to be vast and instant, in terms of quick recall. The occasion or subject matter is described properly using well-chosen words and phrases .

Trait – Five

He or She can say a few lines in a different language or dialect – during his speech , just to regain the focus of his inattentive audience.

Trait – Six

He has the Voice tonality and histrionics to generate the required emotional outbursts in the crowd that is in front of him.

Trait – Seven

During his Keynote address or his formal announcements, he should not constantly look at the Paper Document that contains his planned Write – Up

Trait – Eight

The ideal leader must have the fearless attitude to give an EXTEMPORE SPEECH , on a given occasion. Just like a contestant in an Elocution Competition.

This rare virtue to speak extempore largely depends upon his skill to compose and organize his thought processes very very fast and even spot-on, if time lag is really limited.

Trait – Nine

A leader’s POETIC SENSE can add immense value to his prose – dominated lecture. We have seen many leaders quoting a SHAYARI or a SONG or a GHAZAL to enrich the speech content.

Trait – Ten

The potential list of Personality Traits is endless , but this is the last one in my current message

The PACE of delivery & and the required POISE of sharing the written script is the ultimate hallmark of a good Orator and an outstanding Institutional Leader.

All these traits are partly imbibed in school and college days, but can be fine-tuned by experts, who are Professional Coaches and Motivational experts in this field.

All these traits are only for the general grooming of Genuine Leaders and sort of an Advisory in that direction.

Regards to all and Best wishes to all the spirited Election Contestants. May the best-in-class person wear the President’s Crown in 2022

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Worthy Candidate for IAP PRESIDENT ELECT 2022
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