It is well acknowledged that on many days, the PATIENT FOOTFALLS in our clinic are quite low , on a comparitive basis. The reasons are many, however, let’s enumerate some of these causative factors :

❇️ It’s a vacation time for kids and their families are out of town.
❇️ There are social events like Marriage or Religious functions in the patient’s family.
❇️ The weather in the city is unsuitable for a clinic visit : extreme heat or heavy rains.
❇️ Parents are engaged either in Office / Kitchen routines and our Kids are either at School or attending an Online Tuition Class.
❇️ Fortunately, Lockdowns are a forgotten entity, off late

All these varied factors are pretty discomforting for us – clinicians – just because, 👫 we are wedded to our clinic timings , rather too religiously….. 😟😏 😛 Many of us, however keep themselves busy – by socializing on Whatsapp and other chatting options like Facebook or Instagram, which is just a time killer.

Let’s explore, how we can constructively use these spare hours. to our advantage ⤵️

❇️ We can keep a Textbook or the latest Journal on our desk, for an overview of our choice topics.
❇️ YOUTUBE and GOOGLE apps are my favourite pastime, in these dull hours. Exploring new terminologies on Google is a good idea. Pharma info on MEDICINES , along with their brand names is another enriching idea.
❇️ YOUTUBE is a treasure trove of MUSIC from all over the globe and you have your choices to listen and create your PLAYLISTS for transferring to a pen drive for use during car journeys. I have found another interesting YouTube Category called VLOGS, that give you a VIRTUAL TOUR of all historical places in India, that can be quite General Knowledge enhancing .
❇️ Free hours help you to visit and upgrade your Accounts File and your Patient Records – online or offline. One can also check the functioning of Hospital Gadgets and segregate the Medicine and Vaccine Stocks which are closer to Expiry Dates.
❇️ This is surely an offbeat Blog that applies equally to all clinicians – very busy or otherwise.
❇️ This is surely an offbeat Blog that applies equally to all clinicians – very busy or otherwise.

🏵️ Dull hours in a clinic time schedule are quite depressing – if we have not generated a lucid game plan to tackle this ongoing and repetitive problem.
🏵️ Motive of this Blog : Inactive Mind is a Devil’s Workshop. Therefore, keep busy implementing bright ideas, for sustaining your self confidence at peak levels.
🏵️ You can suggest your personalised style of how to tackle this boredom on my Whatsapp number.

Regards to all my avid readers,

Blog Concept :
Dr . Dhananjay Shah
Crusader @ IAP + FBS

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