🍁 At the outset, let me declare that I am in private practice as a Senior Pediatrician for 40 + years. My Blogs usually revolve around this angle.

🍁 It is a common observation that when an infant or older child is brought to our clinic for a consultation, the attendant cum informant is usually the Mother or Grandma.

🍁 Therefore, empowering the concerned Lady is going to be crucial in improving child care and ensuring complete Vaccination over the subsequent sessions. An enlightened and happy Mother can surely get you umpteen rewards as a practitioner.

🏵️ TRICKS OF THE TRADE are here for your appraisal and deployment.

❇️ Talk at length with the child’s Mother and draw your conclusions as regards both , the clinical case and the perceptions of the Lady. Understanding the womanish mindset is of great value, as it matters more than your perfect prescription. Once, she gets a positive feel of our clinical competence, her compliance in treatment shall be total. Results are then going to be more rewarding.

❇️ Always ignore the mistakes , she could have made in her child care practices ( bottle feeds etc. ). Overt Criticism does not help anyways, as it is a bitter recipe for a parent . All errors must be revealed in a soft diplomatic fashion.

❇️ After the initial triage of the presenting clinical condition, measure and record the child’s anthropometric details, and promptly pass an appreciative comment regards one of the normal values ( say Head Size or Height ) and thereafter, reveal the scope of a further weight velocity improvement, by adopting better food habits. The last thing to tell a Mom is that DO NOT WORRY about the Growth Parameters , simply because she is never going to accept such a false assurance. Always, speak these few words confidently : ” There is scope for better growth parameters “

❇️ A first time Mom is a novice and she is advised and influenced from multiple corners, like ⤵️
🐥 In-laws, especially the elderly people around.
🐥 Her peers and friends
🐥 Her cousins on the maternal side
🐥 Her husband

💢 All the above characters are non-medicos and have less than half knowledge about child care practices. ✳️ Even Social Media and Advts. can change mindsets with ample ease.
💢 Understanding these strong external influences, the Pediatrician has to be explaining, all the ways and means of Child Upbringing , with Compassion , Confidence and Conviction . It’s indeed a tough challenge to match wavelengths with a young mother.
💢 Over a few consultations, the Mother is likely to accept your advice and become an ardent follower.

❇️ One must have patience and perseverance to educate the child’s parents, by giving clear guidelines and, if needed, demos of the same. One can employ a trained ASSISTANT to do all the counselling , on your behalf – only if there is a real time crunch in your busy clinic.

This topic is never ending and I hope that I have shared the crux of the matter.

Regards to all my avid readers,


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