My Achievements

Joined   IAP  in 1984  as an Annual Member.   Became a  Life Member  of  Central  IAP   in 1987.

1989  :   Installed   as  a  FOUNDER  SECRETARY  of  IAP  –  RAJKOT BRANCH  and  served  in that capacity for two calendar years :  1989 and 1990.

 1993 ,  1994   and  1995  :   Appointed as the PRESIDENT of  IAP RAJKOT BRANCH  for a tenure of three years.  Organised  a number of  CMEs  in   these  3  years on  various  topics like  HEMATOLOGY , ASTHMA  and other  Pediatric  areas.

1994  :  Designed,  Edited  and Published  a  READY-RECKONER  Handbook  (  220 pages  )  on common child health issues , faced by the practising Pediatrician.  3000  copies  of  this BOOK  were released to  Doctors  in  Gujarat  and  in other adjoining States.  It was  very  widely   appreciated  for  the diverse content  of  huge  reference value  for  busy  practitioners .  The unique publication was   titled  as  :    ADVANTAGE.  SICK   CHILD.  This publication was  released  in  December  1994  by a  famous  Sportsperson :  Mr.  GEET  SETHI  –  who was  then  the  WORLD  CHAMPION  in Billiards  and  SNOOKER  (  an  indoor  sport )

DECEMBER  1995  :  I was the CONVENOR and  Chief  Organiser  of the 21st   IAP GUJARAT  STATE  CONFERENCE , held  in Rajkot City for the first time.  Organised on December 24 + 25,  1995  – it was branded  as the  CHRSTMAS CONFERENCE ,  a  thematic  title given for the first time, to any  Annual  State Conference –   in our state.  All the fanfare of Christmas was incorporated in the event,  like Christmas Carols and the Christmas Cake cutting   and  a  SANTA CLAUS  to  cheer the kid delegates from across the State.

Installed   as  the  GUJARAT  STATE – IAP PRESIDENT  for the Calendar Year 1996.  Lots   of  Academic events were held during the year 1996.

In the last  decade  of  the same century , functioned as a  TREASURER  and then VICE PRESIDENT  of   IMA  RAJKOT.  I have headed many  other  Social Organisations  like  JAIN SOCIAL GROUP   of  Rajkot  MIDTOWN,  as  its  President  in the year 1990.

I have been invited as a  Speaker  in various State Academic Events and  National  Conferences –  over the last  25 years.

In 2001,  I  seriously  engaged  myself  with activities  of  Central IAP ,  when I was elected  as the  EXECUTIVE  BOARD  MEMBER  of Central  IAP  in the Calendar  Year  2001.   My  first  Executive Board  Meeting  was held in the  NATIONAL IAP CONFERENCE  at Patna City in  BIHAR  in January 2001.

In 2001,  I  became  the  FOUNDER CONVENOR  of  the  FIRST  FINANCE  COMMITTEE  of  Central  IAP  for the  two years  2001 &  2002.  Some  innovative  Reforms  were conceptualised  in this position,  pertaining to the  PROFIT SHARING RULES  of  all National  Pedicons  of   IAP.  This  initiative  has  brought   CRORES  OF  FUNDS  to the Treasury  of   Central  IAP,  till date.  I am  often  referred  to  as  the  FINANCIAL  WIZARD  of  Central IAP.  I  remained as  the  SENIOR  member  of  the Finance Committee  for  a span  of  15 years from 2001  to 2015.

In  consideration  of  my invaluable  and outstanding  services  rendered  to the  mother  ORGANISATION –  INDIAN ACADEMY OF  PEDIATRICS,   I  was  bestowed  with the rare honour  and  awarded as  “ FELLOW  IAP “   in the  year  2006.  This award is  given  away  to the  most  active  and  deserving  individuals  in the Organisation  and  is judged  by a  TEAM  OF  FIVE  OFFICE -BEARERS  of  IAP

I  conceptualised  and executed  TWO  VERSIONS  of  a  NATIONAL  ESSAY  COMPETITION  (  branded  as  MINDAPPLE  )  This  Essay  Competition  was open  for participation  for  all the  Members  of  Central  IAP  (  across all states )  as well  as  the  POSTGRADUATE  students ,  studying  in various  MEDICAL  COLLEGES  of  India.   This  literary contest was  organised  in the years  2006  and  once  again in  2008.  It was a  thumping  success.

MINDAPPLE  CONTEST  was  a  LITERARY  CONTEST,  where the literary  minds  across  the country  would  write their ESSAYS  on  FOUR  different topics  or  even  less, as per their preference .  Their essay manuscripts   would  not display  their  NAMES  and  CITY  ,  to avoid  any  biased  evaluation.  These  Essays  would  be  ranked  by  JURY  MEMBERS  from across  India,  who were  acclaimed Experts  in the  topic  of  the  Essay.   Close to  300 AUTHORS  sent  their entries  and  the first  FIVE  BEST  ENTRIES  were  awarded  CASH  PRIZES   as  Cheques.

I  was  once  again  elected  as  an  EXECUTIVE  BOARD  MEMBER  in  2012.

In CENTRAL  IAP,  I have  been  an  important member  of various  Committees  like :   Constitutional  Reforms  Committee and FINANCE  COMMITTEE.

Central  IAP  promoted  a  WELFARE  WING  named  FAMILY BENEFIT  SOCIETY  of  IAP.   This  welfare  Society  was  launched in March 2011  and  HYDERABAD  is  the  HEADQUARTERS  of  FBS.  Since  APRIL  2014,   I  am  functioning  as  the  CHAIRMAN  of  FAMILY  BENEFIT  SOCIETY.   This  Society  provides  financial  support  (  currently  8.4  lakhs  )  to the bereaved  families –  in case,  any  of  its  2500  odd  registered  members  expires,  due to any  Cause  of  Death.  Only  Life  Members  of  IAP  can  join  this Welfare Society,  nicknamed  as  FBS

Whenever any  financial  frauds  occurred  in various  IAP PROJECTS,  I  was  always  preferred  as  a  CONVENOR  of  such  Enquiry  Committees.  I  was  always  preferred  for  such  ENQUIRY  COMMITTEES  due to my  Financial  Prowess,  Vast Experience in IAP  matters,  Honesty,  Integrity  and  Trouble Shooting  skills.   I was  the Convenor  of the  NRP  and  HBS  Inquiry  Committees  in 2016  and 2018   respectively.

I  was  once again, elected  as an Executive  Board  Member of  Central  IAP  in  the Calendar  years  2019  and  2020.  OVERALL,  I  have  served  as  a  CENTRAL  IAP  EB  MEMBER  for  four terms  :   2001,  2012, 2019  and  2020.   This  has provided  and enriched me  with  vast  experience  in  IAP FUNCTIONING.

Since  October 2020,  I have been  writing  REGULAR  BLOGS  on  important  academic  topics  of  CHILD  CARE.  I have  already  scripted  and  released  close to  150 Blogs  on diverse  themes.  Currently ,  I  create  and  release  a  FRESH  BLOG  on every  Saturday Morning  and  the  same is  sent  to more  than 4000  Pediatricians  of   IAP  and  happily  forwarded  by  them  in their  city and state  groups,  because  of  the  rich know-how  and  the  concise information  delivered  in each  Blog.

I  happen  to be  one  of  the  MOST  EXPERIENCED  CANDIDATE  for  the coveted  post  of  IAP  PRESIDENT  ELECT  2022,  which  I  am contesting  in the second  half  of  2021,  as  per the Election  Schedule  that  will be notified  in  September /  October months  of  2021  (   In the event  of  my victory,  I will be  assuming  the  POST  of  the   IAP  NATIONAL  PRESIDENT  2023 )