What My Colleagues Say

Dr. A. Parthasarathy

National President IAP, 1997, Regional Advisor APSSEAR 1997-99.

Dynamism Honesty Approachability Newer ideas Achievements par excellence The description belongs to an IAP activist, grassroot worker, historian and above all an active participant and implementer of WHO, UNICEF, GOI sponsored IAP Presidential action plans like NRP, Breast feeding, ORS, UIP, Jenner symposia, Polio eradication, etc. from Rajkot, Gujarat - Dr. Dhananjay Shah.

Dr. Samir Hasan Dalwai

MD, DNB, DCH, FCPS, LLB, Developmental & Behavioural Pediatrician

I am fortunate to know Dr Dhananjay Shah as a senior colleague and a close friend. He is an erudite academician who is well respected across India for his knowledge of pediatrics. His contribution to the city of Rajkot where he has taken care of two generations of children now is well known. His contribution to the Indian Academy of Pediatrics in finance matters has been immense across the decades. I am aware that pediatricians across India keenly await his extensively researched, well articulated and precisely summarized blogs on a range of academic and non-academic issues. I wish him all the best and good health and may he continue to selflessly serve the community.

Dr. T. Jacob John

FRCP(E), PhD, DSc, FIAP, FNA Vellore, Tamil Nadu May 22, 2021

Dr. Dhananjay Shah has an indomitable spirit and a highly imaginative brain. I know him well since 1995. * He invited me to the Gujarat State Conference of December 1995, as a Speaker, and I was highly impressed by his Organisational skills and the way he justified the theme of the Conference. He had named it as THE CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE and fully justified it with all the fanfare. * Besides his penchant for Conference organisation, he is committed to academics and pens down plenty of articles and Blogs on varied subjects, which are of immense value to grass-root Pediatricians. His write ups are full of finesse and are perfect in the layout of information. * My best wishes for his future path of activities in IAP and hope he shall always be the winner.

Dr. Tushar Maniar

Head - Pediatrics Dept., Nanavati MAX Super Speciality Hospital Mumbai

Dr. Dhananjay Shah is a Senior Pediatrician, with more than 4 decades of excellence in Patient Care, Academics as well as Organisational activites. The activites that he has participated and organized - range from PARENTS to PATIENTS and also PEDIATRICIANS. He has represented IAP at various levels, from grassroots to State and Central level. He is known for his Simplicity and Integrity. He has always been approachable and available. I am impressed with the energy that he exudes and wish him Success in all the Endeavours he now undertakes.

Prof. Dr. H. Paramesh

MD, FAAP (USA), FIAP, FIAMS, FIAA, FICAAI, FPAI Pediatric Pulmonologist, Environmentalist

I know Dr.Dhanajay Shah for the past 3 decades. He is a man with simplicity, integrity, and open-mindedness with a positive approach. He is an academician who cares for the propagation of knowledge to the grassroots level where one needs to focus on the availability, accessibility, and affordability of our children's health care. His discussions in IAP on financial issues and transparency are quite impressive.

Dr. Baldev Prajapati

Senior Pediatrician & Eminent Teacher in IAP

Dr. Dhananjay Shah & myself , are knowing each other for more than 40 years. He is known for his multitalented personality, since the days of his residency in B.J. Medical College. In due course of time, on several occasions, his extraordinary skills in Organization, Administration & Finance have been observed by all. He is also known for his meticulous planning & thinking on any issue, which is beyond the common brains. His Sincerity, Devotion & Dedication are obvious to all of us. I wish him a grand success in his future endeavours.

Dr. Raju C. Shah

Past IAP National President 2005 Eminent Academician from Ahmedabad.

I know Dr Dhananjay Shah by now for almost four decades. I have known him as a bright postgraduate student, as a promising practicing pediatrician and as a grassroots IAP worker. He is very firm in his convictions and perseverant in achieving his goals. He has represented IAP Gujarat in Central IAP as an EB Member for four times or so, and was also a President of IAP - Gujarat State. He is having good knowledge and insight of investment and finances, especially of Organisations and Institutions. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Dr. Yagnesh Popat

Chairperson, Infectious Diseases Chapter of IAP 2021

I am in contact with Dr. Dhananjay Shah since 1992 – from my 1st day of pediatric practice in Rajkot, at H J Doshi Hospital. He has guided me efficiently, since my initial days. He was instrumental in enrolling me as a member of IAP. He guided me to the main stream of IAP & continued it throughout my journey in IAP. I have known him as a meticulous person full of innovative ideas during organisation of various CONFERENCES in Rajkot including State & National Conferences. His Administrative & Financial knowledge is worth taking note of. His enthusiasm & zeal to work for IAP is noteworthy. Because of these skills, he has served IAP as Member of Finance Committee, on number of occasions. He is Chairperson of FBS since last two terms. Now he is aspirant of the highest post in IAP – National President of IAP. I wish him all the best in this endeavour

Dr. Santosh T . Soans

IAP President 2018

Dr. Dhananjay Shah is a doyen of the IAP movement and has been actively involving himself with the organization in leadership roles at the National level and State level. He has a firm grasp of administration and finances, which is an asset to the Organization. The personal interest, he has taken in spearheading the Family Benefit Society of IAP, bears testimony to his magnanimous World View and the keen interest he takes in family welfare of the members. I consider myself fortunate to have known him and worked with him for the betterment of IAP. I wish him very best in his future endevour.

Dr. Preeti Galagali

Adolescent Health Expert, Bangalore

Dr. Dhananjay Shah is a well known, popular Pediatrician of the country. He has contributed immensely to IAP in various official positions over the last three decades. His dedication, commitment & sincerity are truly praiseworthy. I wish him the very best for all future endeavours.