We, as clinicians, are aware of the CONSTANT DECLINE in the available spectrum of Effective Antibiotics, with the growing menace of Anti-microbial Resistance, creating huge roadblocks in treating serious Nosocomial Infections in ICU settings.

However, we are still possessing a limited range of lesser used, but Effective Antibioitics – that can help us BUY TIME , till newer Antibiotics can be received from Medical Research Channels across the world.

These Special Category Antibiotics are our RESERVE ANTIBIOTICS . They ought to be deployed only as the LAST RESORT . Their day-to-day usage must be restricted meaningfully.

  1. The first drug in the Reserved Category is AZITHROMYCIN .
    This is a Macrolide group member, which is relatively low – priced ( therefore widely prescribed ) and has the advantage of single oral dosing. However, it can be spared ( better avoided ) from the treatment of Upper Respiratory infections, and kept reserved for more serious infections – like Sexually transmitted infections, Enteric fever, Mycoplasma LRTI, Shigellosis and disseminated MAC infections in HIV patients . ( MAC = Mycobacterium Avium Complex )
    There are other effective options for treating Bacterial URTI and LRTI, as well as Skin / Soft tissue infections. WHY ALLOW Anti-microbial Resistance to defeat the wider efficacy of AZITHROMYCIN. 
  2. MEROPENEM is the second Reserve Antibiotic, that needs a regulated use. It is efficacious and safe in the treatment of a wide variety of Nosocomial and Polymicrobial infections in younger children.
    We are all aware of the reasonable success of MEROPENEM in Neonatal Sepsis and Meningitis , alongside Gram Negative Nosocomial Pneumonia in young infants. It is also a Group C drug for XDR Tuberculosis. Therefore, Meropenem deployment must be very very selective and with ample logic.

Reserve Antibiotics must be known to all clinicians, as here the choices of Antibiotics ( often empirical ) are likely to made in a mistaken fashion.

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