HOW to SAVE your Teenager child from SUBSTANCE ABUSE.

  1. Never DRINK ALCOHOL or use TOBACCO in any form, when you have children in your family. They ADORE YOU as well as your Addiction patterns. Imitating you at a later age, becomes quite natural for them.  Subconsciously the seeds of BAD HABITS are sown in the child, without you ever realizing it. 
  2.  Always HUG your children 🤗🤗 and ensure good  EYE CONTACT 😒😳 with them.  Note whether they like it. 👍🏻👍🏻✅
  3. Educate them, how their friends can influence them with various drugs / vices – by prompting to HAVE A TRY . Your child must be primed with the know-how of POPULAR TRENDS in Friend Circle Parties. 
  4.  KNOW your child’s FRIEND CIRCLE and invite them at home regularly to ensure that they are ideal friends for your child. Treat his friends with affection and LIKED SNACKS – even if it costs dearly.  Your child would LOVE YOU for this nice gesture. He will respond with GOOD MANNERS with your same-age Colleagues and Relatives, in return. 
  5.  Monitor the HYGIENE and TOILET HABITS of your child and never overlook any DEVIATIONS from previous patterns. 
  6.  Monitor his new preference for PERFUMES and DEODORANTS. Also MINT CHEWING afresh as a new habit. 
  7.  Keep a close watch on his SLEEP and APPETITE .  
  8. Keep a close WATCH ON HIS SCREEN TIME EXPOSURE and the Nature of Content he prefers. 
  9.  Give him sufficient POCKET MONEY for his needs and accompany him, when he wants to go for SHOPPING. Ideal Parenting comes at a COST ,  in terms of money and time spent together with children. 
  10.  FOLLOW ALL THE ABOVE GUIDELINES_ till he enters his twenties and goes to Senior College. 

You have justified your ROLE PLAY as a responsible PARENT. 

Moral of this LESSON as a narrative blog :  

PREVENTION IS always BETTER,   EASIER  and far more ECONOMICAL than a CURE – which is not always possible.

Dr . Dhananjay Shah
Ped. Practice of 40 years
@ Rajkot. Gujarat.


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