Most of you have liked the part ONE of the Vaccination Blog, released last Saturday. Here is the second part .


At the outset, let’s define what our Vaccination Practices

should AIM AT : Is it

1. The number of Vaccine Doses dispensed to our kid patients. ( month on month )
2. What revenues were generated in the process.
OR , should it be, the number 3 option : 
3. Do the parents always prefer you as the Vaccinator of their Choice.  I feel that this is the most desirable outcome , after a few family visits. ( A minimum 20 Vaccine Visits are in the pipeline for every child, besides other consultation visits ) So, one needs a LONG SIGHTED APPROACH.

Those parents, who are happy with your meticulous and hygienic way of pushing vaccines , will stick with you for the entire course. They will always suggest your name as the Pediatrician with SAFE HANDS . Mouth Publicity reigns supreme in Child Care Services.

STEP FIVE – Choosing between Vaccine Brands

The commonest situation here is a choice between PCV 10 and PCV 13 …… After a brief description of the two ( content and costwise ) , leave it to the child’s parents to select any one . Hail their decision , with open arms and give the selected Vaccine shot. Inform them to now complete the 3+1 schedule.

No arguments or guilt feelings with parents, in case, a first dose of PCV 10 , is already taken elsewhere. Here, the dictum is CUSTOMER IS KING . …. Brand Advice is only for those customers, who ask us proactively, for our preferred choices.

STEP SIX: Collection of Vaccine Charges.

This is not a problem with majority of families, after a few visits from their side. However, some families DEFER and DELAY VACCINATION , when they are hard-pressed for money . Here, we have TWO options to offer :

  1. Grant a small concession of a couple of hundred rupees on the Vaccine Charges, as a one-time favor. They will definitely appreciate your magnanimity.
  2. In case, they cannot still pay the already subsidised vaccine charges, accept a part payment and tell them to clear the dues in a month’s time / or at their next visit. The RISK of LOSING FEES is not REAL and never ever justified . The family has to be a loyal customer for you. This is just another way to retain families in your fold , till the complete Vaccine Schedule is done and over, in the second decade of the index child.
Dr. Dhananjay Shah
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@ Rajkot. Gujarat.
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